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A little about the journey 
The Psychic Shaman

Be the best version of yourself

Ian has been able to communicate with the Spirit Realms from being a child, a gift that he kept very much to himself for many years. Having found his Spiritual calling over 12 years ago, one that saw him embarking on a life changing journey! After many years of self discovery and learning the decision was made to bring his gifts and abilities to the public domain.

 Let Ian help you find your connection with Spirit and show you that as well as connecting with loved ones in spirit, he will help you find deeper meaning, understanding and knowledge of your own spiritual self! Even if you never thought you had one!

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What sets The Psychic Shaman apart from the rest?

Your journey starts with you! Let me help you along the way, be strong, be unique but always be humble!

Psychic & Mediumship Readings

Ian is an established and internationally recognized Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and Shaman.

Offering various forms of in-depth intuitive readings including Mediumship, Past life sessions and Spiritual Guidance & intuitive counselling. 

1 to 1 Private sessions and Group bookings are available.

Online Development Courses & Workshops

We are in a time of many people beginning to search for deeper meaning to their lives, looking for that inner peace that no amount of money or material wealth can buy!

Ian runs regular fully live interactive courses and workshops all designed and structured to give you the knowledge, learning and support you need on your Spiritual journey. He is acknowledged for his in-depth attention to detail and ability to make learning an easy to understand experience.

Please check the Events & Courses page for details.

Individual & Group Spiritual Life Coaching

As a Shaman it is quite often the case that Ian is required to help guide individuals through those times of the life journey that can prove stressful and emotionally exhausting. 

Spiritual Life Coaching can be extremely useful when a person has reached a point of life where finding the next step forward leads only to confusion and desperation. SLC will help you find clarity, direction and renewed purpose. It will help you see yourself for the amazing and unique person you truly are, whilst finding the inner peace and self worth you deserve!

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Helping you to become the best version of yourself!